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Lets go on a journey together...


Imagine your hair product stash... Are there are a lot of half used or untouched products collecting dust, waiting for their fateful meeting with the trashcan? Its not their fault, maybe they just smelled a bit too sweet, maybe they weighed your curls down, maybe... you just flat out hated them (sorry but not sorry).


We know the struggle and are here to help you trade your unused "under the sink stash" for the perfect curly hair regimen. We provide a platform to transform your curl routine:


  1. TRADE for a product you've been wanting to try

  2. SELL for a bit of extra cash

  3. BUY the perfect product.


Better yet, we offer PERSONALIZED PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS to help you find that secret weapon to make your curls pop. We want to get you hooked on your curls. 

Please sign up for our app rollout waiting list below and fill out this two minute anonymous survey to help us best serve you.

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